“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Mahatma Gandi



I have loved animals since I was a little girl with my first dog, a beagle mix, named Snoopy.  I have always had a pet in my life whether it be a dog, cat, fish, bird, or hamster.

I have my masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  When my children were younger, I left the field to care for them and help my husband, Chris,  with his business. I've been the typical juggling mother of two children, three dogs, and a cat, but now have the time to pursue my dreams of having a pet sitting business. I currently reside in Olney, MD with my husband, daughter attending South Carolina, son at Sherwood, Shepard / Shar-pei mix (Ollie), Newfoundland (Newman), and two puppy pugs (Bear and Bubba). 

I can't pass a dog or cat on the street without stopping to give a pat and say hello.  Animals are truly my passion and I have lots of TLC to give to your furry family member.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened” Anatole France



The above quote from Anatole France became true for me from a very early age when my sister and I brought home that first stray puppy and our folks let us keep her, Bojangles! Since then, my home has always had a four legged friend.  I now have two dogs, a rescue papillon mix (Shade), a British Cream Golden Retriever (Sully) and Jaco, the cat.  We also have two wonderful boys, one a graduate of UMD and recently married,  the other attending Montgomery College. All my pets throughout my life have taught me to love, to just breathe, to stop and smell the roses, and to enjoy a nice walk (or run) in the great outdoors. Now I'd like to take those lessons that I have learned from my pets to love and nurture your pets while you are away.  

"Give me the patience, the calm and confidence, the intelligence, and the warm, open, unconditional loving heart...of my dog."  Dina


Renee and Dina are putting together their love of animals, helping people, and keeping fit to help cover your tail and be an extension of you in loving your pets and caring for your home while you are away.


DogGoneLove...when you are gone...the love keeps on!