Sniff n Wag

We will first schedule our “sniff n wag” consult.  During this initial free visit, your furry friends can sniff us and we in turn will give belly rubs, and lots of love to get their tails wagging.  After introducing ourselves, we will carefully go through all the specific details of your pet care needs, such as, location of food, supplies, medical instructions, when & where to feed, let out or walk.  We will document all necessary emergency information and all home care needs while you are away.  Service agreements will be signed and when we are done, you will have the peace of mind that your pets will be provided with the best care possible in your absence, and as always provided...lots of love.


15 min. quick visit

Quick Visit:

  • Mon-Fri, 15 minutes
  • $14.50/visit, $2/additional dog
  • Includes potty break, fresh water and…lots of love.


Pet sitting Visit 30 min.

Pet Sitting Visit:

  • Mon-Fri., 30 minutes
  • $20.50/visit, $2/additional pet 
  • Includes potty break, backyard or indoor playtime, food/water refilled, medication, sifting litter box, water plants, trash removal, bring in mail/newspapers, rotate lights, security check and…lots of love.


30 minute walk

DogGone Walk:

  • Mon-Fri., 30 minutes
  • $20.50/visit, $2/additional dog
  • Includes walk, fresh water, exercise, playtime, and…lots of love.


15 min Cat visit

Purrrfect Kitty Visit:

  • Mon-Fri., 15 minutes
  • $14.50/visit
  • Includes fresh water, food, scoop litter box, and…lots of love.



1 hour Dog Run

DogGone Run:

  • Mon-Fri., 1 hour
  • $34.00/visit
  • Some pets just need to get out and run, just like we do.  If you have an athletic, enthusiastic, active pet that needs to take the long way home, let us take them on an hour trot to burn some of that midday energy, water breaks included, and as always provided…lots of love.


Lite errand run

Lite Errand Runs:

  • Mon-Fri., 1 hr. minimum 
  • $34.00/hr.
  • If you are needing some lite errands run, such as, picking up your pet supplies, running to the grocery store, etc.  We can do that for you and do it with...lots of love.

 ***Weekend and after hours rates may apply for all services.